AgentOffice Personal Edition (Outlook Add-On)


AgentOffice Personal EditionAgentOffice Personal Edition (PE) is NOT an upgrade to previous AgentOffice versions.   This is a new stand alone product (OUTLOOK ADD-ON) that allows greater access via Outlook to "apps" and does most of what AgentOffice v.10 does, however it does not do everything that AgentOffice v.10 does.  

AgentOffice Person Edition can be used for 3 or less team members only.   A team edition is in beta and not yet available for sale.

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Depending on your priorities, you can select from the full robust AgentOffice v.10, that has been the leading choice of Real Estate Professionals, since 1994, or you can swing over to AgentOffice Personal Edition, Emphasys Software's latest Outlook 2007-2010 add-in release.  Emphasys has taken AgentOffice basics and developed  that lets you work in a comfortable environment, all while adding tons of real estate specific features. All in Outlook 2007 or 2010.


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What are the differences between AgentOffice v.10 and AgentOffice Personal Edition?

AgentOffice V.10 AgentOffice Personal Edition
Outright Purchase - Desktop Software Per Monthly Fee - Desktop Software
Multi-User - comes networkable with Registered User and 2 Assistant Licenses Comes with access for 3 computers.  A 4th can be added for additional $15.00 per month.
e-mail uses your system selection (i.e. Outlook) to send email Works through Outlook so its seamless.  Requires outlook 2007 or 2010.  
Full plan development and editing for client follow up campaigns L135 Customizable Letters and 13 Plan templates. You can also build your own plan sets.  
Full Marketing Design (flyers, features sheets, etc) Not included
CMA - full import capability Not included
Full team sync capability 3 users included.  A 4th can be added for additional fee.
IPhone Sync - must use Intellisync and Outlook 2007. Does not work with Outlook 2010.   Seamless synchronization with IPhone.  Droid phones via Free Droid App.   
Data Backup - you are responsible using Back Up upon exit feature. Secure remote service for data backup is employed.  Data is live sync via Cloud.  
AO 1.0 asks to be connected to your email service and you set time.   Seamless integration to email service
Technical Support - 30 days mfg Included
Upgrades - v.10 is the latest version Updates as released are included. 
Import from any program that allows standard Windows export.

transfer of data from v10 to AOPE.  Recommendation is to bring over only Contact Information and retain v.10 on desktop for notes, history access. 

AgentOffice Personal Edition is being updated all the time. 

Latest features include "Cloud" sync so all users are working with live data.  No need to sync or designate Master computers.  

Provides easy one-platform to other apps such as blogs and Facebook - you don't have to leave your AgentOffice Personal Edition to post on facebook.  

There is also Live Chat for support included in Personal Edition.





Click here to view full information about software contents including screenshots of various modules.  This is an OUTLOOK ADD-ON and not a full standalone version of the original AgentOffice v.10


Not the AgentOffice you are looking for?   Then you likely are thinking of the original AgentOffice v.10.   Click here to see and compare AgentOffice v.10 Screenshots.