REA 9 Commercial Real Estate Software

REA 9 Commercial Real Estate Software

REA 9 Real Estate Productivity for Commercial Application.  

Real Estate Assistant 9 (REA 9) is a
contact management program combined with eight relational databases designed specifically to track commercial real estate data.

Primary REA9 Use: Commercial Real Estate Leasing, Investments, Development and Management for multiple users and corporations. REA 9 was written specifically for newer machines and operating systems from Windows 2000 and greater.

REA 9 combines the power of the Microsoft SQL database system and the .NET programming language to create an enterprise database system for tracking properties and contacts.

REA 9 works seamlessly with Microsoft Office including synching contacts, calendar and emails with Outlook. REA 9 can be run over an internet connection making it easy to access your data from anywhere.

REA 9 leverages 30 years of experience in commercial real estate database technology and brings it to your desktop.     Current version shipping is v9.18

REA 9 Smart Attachment feature and You create and add files to the account. You can create multiple folders for different transactions and add user access by name and password. Using REA 9 with the Smart Attachment feature you can drag files from dropbox or any other source and attach to any record in REA 9.You can also drag them from REA 9 and drop them into your emails! Imagine sending floor plans, listing packages, photos or anything else quickly and easily by dropping them into an email. You can also drag any file that is attached to any email and drop it into REA to automatically attach that file to any REA record.

Google Maps Integration

Imagine being able to view properties,companies,prospects,tenants and/or all contacts and then launch Google Maps to display an interactive map of the location for the contact(s).

Using the new Google maps integration in REA 9.18.3 now you can.

Google Apps Sync for Microsoft® Outlook

Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook® allows you to use Microsoft Outlook® 2003, 2007 and 2010 effectively with Google Apps.

Connecting your clients to you through the web

This program is available now and allows you to post your leads, activities, histories, attachments and contacts on the web for your clients to review using any browser day or night.


REAConnect will cement the relationship between you and your client. Instead of promising your clients a report once a week you can give them a login and password to a private website that will let them access the information you want them to see.

Constant Contact Integration
Now you can query your contacts and directly from REA upload them to Constant Contact. You must have a subscription to Constant Contact to use this feature.

Purchase Includes:

  • Lifetime license to use REA, you own it.
  • FREE Contact Capture for REA 9.
  • 12 months of free program updates, live webinars, and training videos .
  • 12 months of live phone support M-F 7am-4pm PST
  • 12 Months of email support answered 24/7
  • Integration with
  • Export comps to REIwise.*

After 1st free year of support updates and support for $150.00 per year per user

REA9 Commercial Real Estate Software
Delivery will be by download.  No shipping required.   Please provide a good email address for shipping that does not have robot spam blockers so your delivery gets through without delay.  

REA 9 Single user license $695.
REA 9 2 users $495 each
REA 9 3 - 4 users $475 each
REA 9 5 - 10 users $450 each
REA 9 11 - 25 users $400 each
REA 9 25 or more users call 1-877-535-7755 for a quote

REA 9 Commercial Real Estate SoftwareREA 9 Cloud Connection to Clients
With REA 9.18 comes the ability to keep your clients informed on your listing progress.

The new product REAConnect, let's your clients login via the cloud and see information you have posted about your listings. Basically this puts your marketing reports online so your clients can see in real time what milestones have been achieved.

There is a one time $99.00 activation / setup fee for this server but the monthly charge is being waved for all current REA 9 users.

For more information please contact

REA Auto Sync to Outlook
REA 9.18 includes the ability to auto sync your contacts and calendar with Outlook.

Using the new Instant REA program you can set up your sync to occur at any interval you like from every hour to every minute. Using this new feature means anything that you add to your phone, Outlook and REA will automatically be synched between the 3 programs.

Instant REA
This new product is included with your REA 9 subscription. It resides in your windows system tray and regardless of whether REA is running or not it will display any reminders you have, give you instant access to your calendar and Time Management screen. Let you schedule appointments and all of those will auto sync with REA, Outlook and your phone.

REA is used world-wide as the premier software choice for top commercial brokers for 30 years. With over 110,000 licenses sold.

REA9 Commercial Real Estate Software


REA 9 is available as a FREE TRIAL for 30-days.    Click here to sign up for your free trial.