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Opportunity Module

REA can track all your deals, the estimated close date, probability of closing and commission. It tracks all your leads and history for each project so you can quickly see everything that is happening with any of your listings.

Smart Web Links

Building rapport is very important in business. With our new web link capability, every time you pick up the phone, you can quickly browse to relevant web sites to chat about events relevant to your prospect. Add new links, or customize the ones we provide to deliver the exact content you want.

Smart Meetings

Leverage the web via REA 9 to share your desktop with others. A single click allows you to share your desktop with your client so they can see what you are talking about. Share a brochure, a spreadsheet do a tour with your prospects. You can even start a phone conference.

Smart Attachments

Drag files attached to any record in REA 9 and drop them into your emails! Imagine sending floor plans, listing packages, photos or anything else quickly and easily by dropping them into an email. You can also drag any file that is attached to any email and drop it into REA to automatically attach that file to any REA record.

New Toolbar

We added buttons to the main toolbar to make it easy to add new records, open a table, search for a record, schedule events and create histories.

Create/Edit spaces from a contact or company

You can quickly add a new space or edit an existing one directly from a company or a contact record. The space will automatically make the selected company or contact the tenant for you.

Create/Edit a property from a company

You can right click in the property tab for a company record to create a new property or edit an existing one. If you create a new property from the company record REA will prompt you to set the company as the site contact, owner or agent and automatically attach it for you.

Set the font type, size and style for notes field

You can adjust the font settings for the notes fields in REA to any type, size and style you want. This is a global setting so you set it once and every note field in REA will adjust. We've also added a link to automatically time and date stamp every note field, including history and events notes fields.

Notes view in history window

We have added a second view to the history window. You can still view histories in the standard grid view or you can switch the view to notes view. The notes view will show you a running commentary on all the histories so you don't have to open each one to view all the conversations.

Categories in Companies / "Do Not" Fields

REA 9.16 adds Real Estate Categories to company records so you can mark a company as an Investor, Tenant, Agent, Vendor, Personal or Prospect. When you create a contact the contact will automatically inherit the category type of the company. You can also mark a company with "Do Not…"

Mail Merge Enhancements

You can now mail merge from Properties, Spaces, Company and Contacts. You can also add any field from those tables in your mail merge. For example, you could query your property table for specific properties and then email all the owners using fields such as property address, acres, sq. ft., parcel in your message.

Companies as Owners

You can make a company a property owner, agent or property manager. This allows you to view all the property details a company is associated with and quickly jump to the property.

Companies as Tenants

A company can now be the tenant in multiple spaces. No need to create a new contact for each space anymore, just move the company into as many spaces as you want. You can view all the spaces a company is in from the new spaces tab.

Global Replace

We've added the very popular global replace feature to properties, sale comps and lease comps. You can now set global replace so it does not update the last modified field and you can replace a field with any calculation, multiple field combinations or a simple find and replace.  

Remember Grid Settings

REA 9.15 can remember the column widths you set as well as the column positions for all grids in REA. The time management screen will also let you view events in which you are a participant as well as all the events you are allowed to see regardless of it you are a participant or not.


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