About RealtyStar

RealtyStar Real Estate SoftwareRealtyStar© has been dedicated to servicing the Real Estate Industry across North America,  Australia and in fact, internationally, since 1994.

We pride ourselves on understanding your business and helping you implement systems to ease your workload while improving your customer service and contact.

Real Estate Software AgentOffice v10 Contact Management

Real Estate Software IXACT Contact Management
Real Estate Software RealtyJuggler Contact Management
Real Estate Outlook Add-On - AgentOffice Personal Edition

AgentOffice running online at eagentserver.net
Training DVD's for AgentOffice created by Jim Casey
Lead Generation Hotline by Proquest Technologies

ProSERIES Power Plans - pre-done plan sets that incorporate into AgentOffice

For Real Estate Brokers - a full back and front office management package, running online. 
Realty Broker Office helps you unite your administrative tasks with your Agents needs for contact and listings management.   


Add to that Fabusend's email branding for making every communication a "branding" opportunity!

Whatever your need, we can provide you with professional, easy to use solutions.

Why purchase through RealtyStar you ask ...

Pricing is identical to that of the Manufacturers and in some cases, lower.
You benefit from the exact same free support periods the manufacturers offer AND when you purchase from RealtyStar you receive additional free help not offered anywhere else.
We don't try to sell you anything you don't need.
We offer only the best products in the marketplace - we don't just sell "anything that floats" in order to earn a commission.
As the leading Real Estate Contact Management Software Reseller in North America, we can enhance and promote contact with product manufacturers - saving you time and energy.
NO TAX on new product orders shipped within the United States.
RealtyStar offers after-sales assistance at no charge and invites customers to call, toll-free, including evenings and weekends.
RealtyStar offers knowledgeable, friendly, personal service to all clients.
RealtyStar takes the time to talk to you - to find out what you are looking to accomplish, and to help you determine the most effective, least expensive, way to do it.
You can count on us to take the time you need before and after you purchase. Like Realtors®, we work on commission and appreciate referral business.

RealtyStar brings it all together, saving you time and effort. We are here to help you with a variety of products and can help you understand which product is the right choice is for you.
Our independent status and affiliation with a variety of competing software developers gives US objectivity and YOU an honest opinion.
We offer free real estate referral links to all our customers. Take advantage of the position enhancing linking, and the opportunity for the free advertising. Send us your photo and a brief information piece to be added to our Free Realtor Referral pages.

Keeping pace with the rapidly changing technology and software needs of today's Real Estate Professional. RealtyStar™ can assist you in providing your clients with exceptional service, crucial feedback, regular contact and powerful presentations, all while making sure your computer solutions are not getting between you and what you do best - meeting people and selling real estate.