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DESKTOP REAL ESTATE SOFTWARE.   Outright purchase of program.   No monthly fees to own and use Advantage Xi. 

Advantage Xi will track contact names, mailing addresses, unlimited phone numbers and emails, categorized notes for easy searching, employment Information on both the primary and secondary contact, personal referrals and lifetime value, unlimited photos, external documents like Microsoft Word, eFAX and Adobe Acrobat Files, Demographical Information like Hobbies and Favorite Foods, Birthdays and Anniversaries of each person in the household.   The SWFObject script also resolves the IE update issue where embedded Flash movies require an extra click for interaction; using the script will allow viewers to interact with the Flash movie directly. The SWFObject script also allows your web site to have fully validated HTML.

The relational features of this system allow you to use our connections tab to connect family members to each other or employees to their company records.

Use Skype to dial your phone with a touch of a button.
Employ the Social Media option to open your Facebook or Twitter accounts.   
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