REA 10 Commercial Real Estate Software

REA 10 REA 10 Commercial Real Estate SoftwareReal Estate Contact Management (CRM) for Commercial Real Estate Brokers and Sellers.  

Property/client tracking system created for the commercial real estate industry. REA 10 goes far beyond the functions of a generic contact manager by integrating property information and linking it to contact records for owners, sellers, agents, vendors, and tenants. REA is the only complete solution for commercial real estate professionals and works more like a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) than a simple contact manager.REA 10 Commercial Real Estate Software

  • REA 10 gives you the power of the desktop and utility of mobility.  Specifically designed for commercial real estate brokers by commercial brokers.
  • REA 10 has all the features of most CRMs plus the ability to create your own links between records and a complete property database.
  • REA 10 keeps your clients up-to-date and excited with its exclusive Project Marketing reports.
  • REA 10 connects seamlessly to Outlook, keeping your contacts and schedule up to date on your smart phone.
  • REA 10 tracks all of your sent and received emails and automatically attaches them to the contact and company.

REA 10 Commercial Real Estate Software












 REA 10 Product Highlights:

  •  New interface
  • Added color schemes
  • New calendars with new print formats
  • New version of Crystal Reports
  • Added SQL 2012 to installation module
  • Added support for Property Line
  • Added support for REIWise
  • All addresses, emails and phone numbers for contacts show on main page now
  • Added hyper-links to make it easier to move between tables
  • Added commission tracking to projects
  • Added a deal room via REIWise to projects
  • Added direct access to Property Line listings and import capability to add records to REA
  • Modified lease comps screen, deal fields are visible on the main page
  • Contact information for lease comps includes phone numbers, email and webpage
  • Added tenant contact and company link to spaces as well as phone numbers, email and webpage
  • Properties now have full information for contacts with hyper-links to email, call and jump to records
  • Added links to create a financial package, brochure and property website
  • Sales comparables contains more contact information with hyperlinks
  • Re-wrote the calculators making them much easier to use and more robust
  • Added support for REALive to automatically push your REA10 data to the cloud
  • Created a cloud interface making it easy to view all your REA10 data from the road on a standard browser.
REA 10


Per user, Per month. 

  • Web access,  REA data anywhere any time. Works with all web enabled devices.
  • Integrations with REIwise & Propertyline
  • Includes support, updates, live webinars & training videos.
  • Annual commitment
  • $54.00 per user setup

    System requirements for REA 10

    Minimum 266 MHz processor (Pentium III or higher recommended)

    Minimum 1GB RAM (2GB RAM recommended)

    Minimum 300 MB of available hard disk space (for the SQL Server). (Compatible with SQL 2005- 2008R2)( REA 9.19 and higher is compatible with SQL 2012)

    Windows 8.0. You must have REA 10 or higher – REA 10 will run on any version of Windows listed below.

    Windows 7 and any earlier versions of Windows.

    Windows Server 2012 You must have REA 10 or higher

    Widows Server 2008 and any earlier versions of windows server

    For systems with 10 or more users, a full version of Microsoft SQL server is highly recommended.


    REA is used world-wide as the premier software choice for top commercial brokers for 30 years. With over 110,000 licenses sold.

    REA9 Commercial Real Estate Software


    REA 9 is available as a FREE TRIAL for 30-days.    Click here to sign up for your free trial.