Dave Beson LetterWriter for Managers (ARMS)

NO VACANCY! Why operate your office at 80% or 90% of capacity, when the ideal candidate to join your team is just a few computer clicks away?


Now you can use the ARMS (Automated Recruiting Management System) program and take care of your existing staff too!

Dave Beson ARMS LetterWriter for ManagersMaking your business grow.  Recruitment plans with guarantees!  If you wait to recruit until you have to you WILL ALWAYS HAVE TO!

integrated versions for AgentOffice and Top Producer.   Also available in Word.

Digital Download Now Available For Only $149!

  • 177 Letters on disk.
  • Includes book.


Dave Beson ARMS LetterWriter for Managers

*Physical Product: $299  (includes more items)



Your complete Automated Recruiting Management System program includes:

288 page manual and letter library
177 letters on disk, with auto-install
Support via 800# in the U.S. and Canada
30 day money back guarantee
Includes book and Cruise Control audio tapes.

After three or four letters... You’ll find it easier than ever to call, and you have plenty to talk about! Powerful yet friendly letters deliver your message about your unique opportunity.


Company: Preliminary Recruiting-20 Letters
Company: Facts: Straight Talk Letters-12 Letters
Recruiting: Hot Button Series-10 Letters
Recruiting: Tough Market Series - 8 Letters
Recruiting: Hot Market Series - 8 Letters
Recruiting: Career Shift, General - 12 Letters
Recruiting: Health Care Pro’s - 12 Letters
Recruiting: Features & Facilities Flaunted-12
Recruiting: General Real Estate - 24 Letters
Recruiting: The Leading Edge Series - 12 Letters
Recruiting: New People:  It’s A Great Business-12 Letters
Recruiting: Save a Sale - 10 Letters
Recruiting: We Appreciate You - 36 Letters


Dave Beson Recrutiing Systems for Real Estate Brokers


Cruise Control Series (Audio Download)

Dave Beson’s Recruiting Training Course

Audio Downloads for half the usual CD price! Only $99!


Win the battle for market share by recruiting with a system. Identify targeted recruits, reach out with systematic contacts, and have a plan for your first meeting and continued follow-up. It’s all here!

Testimonial from a recent satisfied customer:

“I am glad to report that we have just signed our first recruit as a result of your program, with more appointments this week and next. In addition, we have used your ARMS (Automated Recruiting and Management System).

Thanks, Dave. This is a great system!

Dave J, RE/MAX Advantage Realty, Asheville, NC

Dave Beson’s Automated Recruiting System:
“How to Recruit Experienced Agents”

8 audio sessions of 60 minutes each will show and tell exactly how to put your recruiting on “Cruise Control”…

  1. Avoid Four Major Mistakes
  2. What Works in Recruiting
  3. The Secret to Recruiting Experienced Agents
  4. Get Ready to Recruit
  5. Charting Your Course
  6. TEAM – Together Each Achieves More
  7. What the Best Recruiters Know
  8. Masters Degree in Human Relations
  9. Handling Resistance
  10. Getting a Yes
  11. How to Analyze a Company: Session for Recruits – Part 1
  12. How to Analyze a Company: Session for Recruits – Part 2
  13. Key Questions Answered
  14. Key Questions Answered (continued)
  15. Quick Summary of Key Concepts
  16. Review of Key Forms and Planning Tools