ProSERIES Real Estate Broker Management

ProSERIES BROKER real estate management Real Easte Broker Management Software

includes new agent and experienced agent presentations
a ($279 value) for only $199

Broker Essential Documents - 10 items
                Policy and Procedure Manual
                Independent Contractor Agreement
                Agent Sign-on Agreement
                Strategic Plan
                Financial Record Keeping Master (Excel)
                Budgeting Master (Excel)
                Company Image Marketing Plan
                Marketing Idea Generation Sheet
                Code of Ethics Summary
                Fair Housing Poster
Forms and More -  Over 100 items
Contract Related
                Buyer Exclusive Employment Agreement
                Buyer Agreement, limited services
                Buyer Agreement, One time showing
                Contract Information Form
                Documents Acknowledgement for Buyers (Publisher)
                Documents Acknowledgement for Sellers (Publisher)
                Possible clauses or forms
                Request for loan information
                Request for loan payoff information
                Mutual Release of Contract
                Related Business Disclosure
                Contract Related
                Contract Cover Letter
                Bills Cover Letter
                Communication Log
                Contract Counter Offers
                Payment Sheet (Publisher)
                Seller Related
                Guest Book Pages (Publisher)
                Listing Report (Excel)
                Seller Quality Assurance Form (Publisher)
                Sign in Sheet (Publisher)
                Buyer Related
                Buyer Control Sheet, 2 up (Publisher)
                Buyer Control Sheet (Publisher)
                Buyer Quality Assurance Form (Publisher)
                Show List
                Agent Related
                Monthly Market Report (Publisher)
                Monthly Activity Report (Publisher)
                Referral Form
                REO Bills Chart
                Agent Account Statement
                Summary of Agent Accounts
                Phone Log (Publisher)
                Computer Permission Form
                Permission to Call Form
                Prospect Sign-In Sheet
Trust Account
                Trust Account Ledger
                Trust Account Transaction Ledger
 Recruiting Forms
                Agent Information and Checklist
                Experienced Agent Interview Sheet
                New Agent Interview Sheet
                Agent Sales History Record (Publisher)
                Company Sales History Record (Publisher)

Recruiting Materials            

                Associate with the Future (Publisher)
                5 Recruiting Brochures (Publisher)
                Costs for New Agents
                Six Free Reports (Publisher)
                What it takes
                Closings (Excel)
                Company Activities (Excel)
                Past Clients (Excel)

Pages for Organizational Books            

                14 for 4 x 6 book
                16 for 4 x 8 book
                15 for 9 x 11 book
                (most of pages are in Publisher)
Help for Agents
                Agent Business Planning Guide (Publisher)
                Switch Sheet
                Results Oriented Activity Indicator
                Basic Business Building Plan
                Past Client Survey
Bonus Idea for Brokers
                Profit Sharing Plan