Realty Broker Office  Real Estate Front & Back Office

Realty Broker Office will help you with everything from prospects to transactions, your office is always ready for clients, closings, follow-up, and market changes.

Realty Broker OfficeGet your transactions & paperwork done in minutes, improve communication with clients, view all data from your agents, generate leads, ... always be Ready.
Special - 1/2 price discount available on all accounts. You can SAVE 50% for an entire year, and every year,  by choosing the annual payment option instead of the monthly fee plan.  
To take advantage of this special pricing, enter the promotion code shown highlighted below, on your order form.  
      $597.94 year Administrator account  (Regular Price $1175.88 if paid monthly)
      $  59.94 year per additional account 
(Regular Price $119.88 if paid monthly)
                Promotion Code = YRH10

Note on Free Trial:  

  1. When signing-on - you will need to enter credit card info; however nothing is being charged at that time.  This is a verification process.   You will automatically get the same 15-day free period even if you go directly to purchase.
  2. You will be charged after your 15-day trial has ended if you have not cancelled your system
  3. Clients can cancel the system themselves by logging-in and going to office admin – company info –account and selecting to cancel.    If you forget how to cancel you can send support ticket, located in help – click to talk.  Support will tell you how to cancel.  We require client to cancel the system themselves.


+ You Get These Advantages   list here      
    + Line item Commission (off top & bottom)
    + Summary & Detail Totals
    + Individual Agent Production
    + Company Production
    + Load Your Training Materials
    + Reduce E&O Insurance
(automate = lower costs; some states; check your provider)

      + No contract, No minimum Purchase, Cancel Anytime

Realty Broker Office Back Office Management for Real Estate BrokersYou get real estate software that is easy to use, innovative, and can be used by everyone in your office.  With all data stored in your real estate database, it's a total solution to managing your real estate business.

It Works!  Brokers from all areas use it everyday for:

  Documents & Paperwork
  Checklists & To Do Items
  Buyers, Sellers, Investors
  Interactive Property Search
  Leads Generation
  View Agents Work Progress
  Import/Export to & from MLS
  3rd Party Access for vendors, clients,...
  Client Activity Status


Used by All Types of Brokers
Independent, Full Service, Franchise, Discounters, Flat Fee, Combo, Traditional, and 100% Commission 
for BROKERS view details for all the below
Brokers manage & grow the company
  • view and manage all data from your agents, staff, and all offices -prospects, listings, appointments, transactions, documents, clients, commissions, vendors, fees, ...
for Your AGENTS  
your Agents can manage their business
  • manage appointments, prospects, listings, buyers, transactions, clients, contacts, documents, ...; view commissions, deductions, fees,...; marketing data, forms, reports, ...
your Staff can support the entire office
  • help your office run smoothly.  process inquiries quickly including those from past clients; help with listings, transactions, escrow; set appointment, manage documents, forms, reports, ... 
Franchisor can automate all franchisees
  • consolidated reporting of sales, volume, and activities across all franchisees.  You control system distribution; franchisees get latest technology to grow their franchise, ... 
Recruit Agents with Realty Broker Office

Studies conducted by the National Association of Realtors, Realty Times, Inman News, and Real Estate Associations show that today's successful agents want and use technology, and that technology is one of the leading factors for their success and longevity.  Agents that use technology earn more money and sell more listings.

The studies also show that agents have increasingly adapt to using the internet and web based technology, as it has help them to get more prospects, listings and close more deals.

What we know?  Quite often we talk with our clients to see how they are using Realty Broker Office, if the system is adding value, and what's new for them in the industry.  We are always amazed and excited about how our system is used. We've learned that in addition to managing their business, brokers are using Realty Broker Office to recruit agents.  Some are also using Realty Broker Office to create residual income for their business.  Why are we sharing this information, because we want everyone using Realty Broker Office to be successful, including you.

How can Realty Broker Office help you recruit agents?  By providing you with the technology that your agents are looking for, want and need to earn more and sell more.  You can recruit more agents by simply advertising "We have the technology that makes you successful".  Does this work?  Yes, our clients use it.  In fact they are the ones that provided us with that slogan.

How does it work?  Realty Broker Office has a built in module for your agents.  Each agent can track their commission, manage their own listings, prospects, appointments, run reports, access forms, and click here for more agent options.  All you have to do is setup a username and password for each agent.  That's it!  We provide the technology, training and support.

Other ways the Broker benefits:  You also benefit by (1) having all data, including data from your agents, stored in your system.  Therefore, if someone leaves your company, you can simply re-assign prospects, contacts, pending deals to someone else.  (2) You can easily check on work progress, and (3) we handle support and training. 

Anything else?  Because Realty Broker Office has adopted a continuously improving philosophy, both the brokers and agents get to stay on top technology changes and improvements automatically.


$97.99 for company administrator account/month U.S. Dollars
run your company with just your administrator account $ 9.99 each additional account/month U.S. Dollars (optional)
login access for your agents, staff, coordinators, ...

RBO Mobile
included - no additional charge

RBO Franchise Management
(for franchisors and independently operated corporate branch offices)

$124.99 for each franchisee /month U.S. Dollars
company administrator account, and auto integration with franchisor

$ 9.99 each additional account /month U.S. Dollars (optional)
login access for your agents, staff, coordinators, ...

You can SAVE 50% for an entire year, and every year,  by choosing the annual payment option instead of the monthly fee plan.  See special promotion code above when ordering.   

Two Options for Handling Franchise Pricing
1. Franchisor Manage
- franchisor pays for all accounts
2. Franchisee/Owner Manage
- franchisor pays for initial company account, and
franchisee pays for additional accounts

Additional Savings & Support
(1) Price includes Upgrades and Support. There is NO Setup Fee.
(2) No contracts, no minimum purchase requirements, except with annual promotion


There are no minimum purchase requirements. You can purchase just one account or more than one account.

You can add additional accounts at any time. Just go to your "Account" menu option and enter the number of accounts you would like to have.

The free trial is a promotional offer for first-time customers only. If you have already tried the software and would like to enjoy the exclusive benefits of Realty Broker Office, including free support and upgrades, then please click here to get your system.

We require a valid credit card number should you decide to continue utilizing Realty Broker Office after the trial period is over. We will perform an authorization on your credit card, to make sure it is valid and in good standing, but we do not bill your card until the free trial period has passed.

Your free trial includes only one account. When ordering, leave the number of accounts to one to get the free trial.  You get to try Realty Broker Office free for 15 days. All product components are included.

Your system is setup and ready for use immediately after you completed the order process; there is no waiting. At that time, you will be provided the necessary information to access your system.

The system is very user friendly and requires virtually no training. However, we do include a complete user's guide in the help section of your Realty Broker Office

We provide ongoing FREE training because we want you to take full advantage of all that Realty Broker Office has to offer.

We recommend using high-speed Internet connection such as DSL or cable for optimal performance. However, you can use dial-up Internet access (your data processing performance may be effected).

As long as your staff and Agents have internet access, they can access your Realty Broker Office from any location e.g., home, client office, airport, etc.

You can setup an account for your agents so that they can manage their own leads, prospects, listings, appointments, transactions, buyers and click here for more agent options. At all times you can see your agents' information and progress. We recommend getting an account for each of your agents.

Note: Realty Broker Office is an integrated system that lets you give and control access to your agents.   By allowing your agents to manage their own information, you eliminate the need for duplicate entries, separate systems, and insures that all information is stored in your company Realty Broker Office database for your access at anytime.

You can have anyone you choose to access your system. You can set their security level so that they are allowed to see and do only those thing you want them to doWe recommend getting an account for each of your staff.

You can manage your brokerage with just one account. You will be able to enter your agents, listings, transactions, appointments, etc.

Business changes and things happen. We are here to add value to your business and want to provide the solutions that work best for your company. You can lower your number of accounts at any time; just go to your "Account" menu option and enter your number of accounts.

If for any reason you are not satisfied, you can cancel anytime to discontinue your Realty Broker Office and stop the monthly (or annual) billing. However, you will not be eligible for any refund (prorated or otherwise).

Two Ways to Cancel your Realty Broker Office:
- Login to your system, go to office admin/ company info /account
- click /edit in account screen
- check the box "Cancel my Realty Broker Office"
- select Reason from menu
- click Update
Your account has been cancelled.

- Login to your system, go to Help /click to talk
- Submit a support ticketing requesting to cancel your system. Your support ticket MUST include the following info:
your name, company name, last 4 digits of the credit card used when signon, and credit card expiration date.

How Safe And Secure Is My Data On Realty Broker Office?  

Realty Broker Office is hosted in top tier national data centers. Extreme measures are taken to ensure the security and availability of your data at all times, including redundant power supplies, firewall protection, data redundancy and backup, regularly scheduled off-site storage of data, and multiple redundant connections to the Internet backbone.

There are no setup or maintenance fees.

You can have your company logo displayed instead of our standard logo.

Last but not least ....

You and your staff are busy handling a lot of things -calls, paperwork, appointments, tracking documents, etc.  There is a lot to do, and it seems to always keep piling on.

How can you put your office in "Profit Mode" with Realty Broker Office�?  
Here's how:

  Setup your system so that your agents can enter and manage their own information. You will be able to view all of there data, and this will save you lots of time.  (Agents can manage their prospects, listings, transactions,...
Use 3rd Party Access to request documents from all persons involved in the transaction.  Documents will automatically post to your system.
Use Seller Notify to inform your clients of all appointment and statuses.
Setup default checklists for your listings and transactions
Upload your company forms to your system, so that everyone can easily locate and access needed forms
Use the message board to post reminders of meetings, open houses, and other vital company activities
Export your listing information for upload to your MLS (no need to re-key data)
Export emails, addresses and phone numbers for your marketing campaigns
Run reports to see how your business is doing


Click here to view more detailed information about Realty Broker Office Modules