RealtyJuggler Real Estate Software 

realtyjuggler real estate softwareRealtyJuggler® is an effective LOW COST online CRM software product for Realtors and Real Estate professionals.

® can be used to track deals, prospects, past clients
listing expire dates, agency agreements, disclosures, and the status of offers and counter-offers.

This is an online subscription product.  Your data resides on RealtyJuggler servers and is accessible only via the internet.  

RealtyJuggler is part of Zillow® Tech Connect so Brokers and Agents can directly integrate and connect with Zillow to stream leads into your RealtyJuggler Real Estate CRM.   Configuration is simple, and once configured, leads are loaded automatically into RealtyJuggler.

Looking for a cost effective program that does everything you need it to do. 

Product: RealtyJuggler
Price: $99 / Year
Delivery: Online Subscription
To Purchase: Sign into RealtyJuggler and Click on Buy Now button
Try RealtyJuggler real estate software for 90 days for FREE. Signing up takes 60 seconds and requires no payment, nor will you be billed later. Purchase a subscription only if you like what you see. A 12-month subscription is just $99. This yearly rate is fixed for the life of your account and will never be raised. Everything is included with a subscription. There are no extra fees or charges.

RealtyJuggler Real Estate Software is a cloud-based real estate software product for Realtors and other real estate professionals. The software can be used for prospecting, touching past clients, transaction management and much more. RealtyJuggler is sold on a subscription basis for $99 per year. It is multi-user and contains numerous feature specifically for real estate, including transaction management, listing feedback, DRIP Letters, touch management, the ability to print mailing labels and much more.

A recent upgrade included improvements to integrated Bulk Email, new Email/Letter Formatting tools, a new Letterhead Preview screen, performance improvements, Google and Outlook synchronization tweaks to improve accuracy, changes to Rental Management module to handle reports by year, categories are now case insensitive, merging of duplicate records is now more accurate and much more. These changes are applied automatically upon sign-in.

In addition, three new video tutorials are also available. Video 42 shows how to use the new Bulk Email capability. Video 43 shows how to do fancy formatting of letters and emails including font changes, text styling, embedded images and attachments. Video 44 shows how to implement a touch cycle for Prospects and Contacts. Topics include creating a call list, sending Birthday cards and creating task reminders for phone calls. These videos as well as all other video tutorials are available by signing into RealtyJuggler and clicking on the YouTube Video Tutorials icon from the main screen.

RealtyJuggler also announced a new training program called one-on-one. This training program is geared towards helping people load their contacts list, set up synchronization with their smart phone, and install their graphical letterhead into RealtyJuggler. This is a great way to start using RealtyJuggler.

Cloud-Based Software  
RealtyJuggler is cloud-based. This means that any changes that you make are automatically applied to a master database on our servers. Multiple users can access this database, and make changes. The process is automatic and simple.

There are two ways this sharing can be configured.
  • Sharing for Small Teams - RealtyJuggler can be configured to allow two or more people to access the same database at the same time. This is ideal for a small team. Configuration is simple. Just create a RealtyJuggler account for each team member and set up sharing from the master RealtyJuggler account.  Up to 8 people can be configured to share the same database.

  • Sharing for Larger Work-Groups - For larger teams, it is possible for each team member to have their own database. The managing broker and office assistant see everything, but the individual agent can only see their records. Leads can be fed to individual agents. The office assistants can see the calendar for each individual agent. The video below shows how to configure RealtyJuggler for this scenario.

RealtyJuggler® runs on any Internet equipped computer with a modern web browser (such as FireFox, Safari, or Microsoft Internet Explorer). Compatible with: Microsoft Windows, Macintosh, Android and iOS.
  • Free Technical Support
  • Uses SSL Data Encryption
  • Free & Automatic Upgrades
  • Easy to Use - Runs as a Web Site
  • Automatic Redundant Data Back-Up

January, 2013 Upgrade released:-

This upgrade includes over 50 new real-estate flyer designs.  The new flyers are the result of extensive feedback from our members who requested flyers for open houses, multiple listings, co-listings (2 agents on the same flyer), larger agent photos, commercial property flyers, flyers with QR codes, double-sided flyers, as well as more variety in realtor flyer designs.  The total number of unique real estate flyer designs is now 101 flyers that represent the largest collection of real-estate flyer designs in the industry.

RealtyJuggler can now automatically convert PDF and Microsoft Word documents into embedded images for convenient email delivery of flyers and newsletters. "Small changes like this can make a huge difference to a busy REALTOR who just wants to send a flyer to some clients and doesn't want to waste a lot of time doing it." says Scott Schmitz president and CEO of RealOrganized, Inc. "We are constantly looking for ways to simplify the job of real-estate professionals.  While others are looking to add complexity, we are looking to simplify, and that is what makes us so different from our competition.

In addition to the new flyer designs, RealtyJuggler has also been enhanced with over 50 new features.  New features include color-coding of categories and a number of improvements to the email feed.  Email feed can load new prospects into RealtyJuggler from any web site, including commercial sites like Zillow, and Realtor as well as the agents own web sites and blogs.  The email feed can also feed supra lockbox email notifications into RealtyJuggler to automatically generate a showings database for listings.  The Google and Outlook Synchronization of Contacts and Calendar have also been refined with particular attention paid to iOS/iPhone synchronization fidelity.

Mobile Access
You can access your information anywhere and on any device that has a full Internet browser. RealtyJuggler Realtor Software runs on the Apple iPAD, iPhone, Palm Pre and Google Android.

Google Sync of Contact & Calendar

Contacts and Calendar can be synchronized with Google Gmail Contacts and Google Calendar, and from there to any SmartPhone including: Google Android, Apple iPhone, iPAD as well as RIM Blackberry.

Microsoft Office Outlook Sync

Contacts and Calendar can be synchronized with Microsoft Office Outlook for Windows, and from there to any SmartPhone including: RIM Blackberry, iPhone, and Pocket PC/Windows Mobile.

  • Qualify prospects with 4 real-estate calculators (maximum loan, seller-net, mortgage payments, rent vs. buy). Print reports using calculation results. Perfect for client presentations

  • Track prospects, clients, listings, showings, offers, open houses, promotions and closings. Upload files, track documents, parties, contingencies and other transaction details.
  • Create your own Activity Plans also known as Task Plans
  • Import contacts and appointments from any other organizer including Top Producer (6i, 7, 8), ACT!, Agent Office (Online Agent), Microsoft Outlook, and Palm Desktop
  • Securely share your information online with your team of assistants and partners


  • Get showing feedback on your listings using an automated online form - no more telephone tag with showing agents

  • Send time-release sequences of Printed Letters and Emails (DRIP mail)

  • Automatic reminders for common activities such as picking up a sign, or following up with a prospect

  • Use your own graphic letterhead for emails, letters and reports

  • "Contact Me" web form for your web site(s) allowing for leads to automatically generate Prospect records and an immediate Email notification - English and Spanish versions available

  • Upload scanned contract and other documents for later retrieval from anywhere

  • Export Contacts, Calendar, Expenses, Commissions, Service report and more. If you enter it, you can export it

  • Calculate and track commissions and expenses

  • Import leads from lead services such as ByOwnerDaily, MoreSolds, Landvoice, FSBO Leader, RealtyTrac, and others. Perfect for prospecting FSBO's, Expireds, and Foreclosed properties.

  • Mail merge emails or print Real Estate Letters using our extensive library of 250 form letters (available in English and Spanish), or use your own custom templates

  • Print Mailing Labels using Avery label sheets, a label printer, or print directly on #10 envelopes

  • Global search allows you to find anything you have entered in just a few seconds

  • Rental management - rents, expenses, admin fees and work orders

  • Print Service Reports suitable for client presentation, and for long-term archival storage.

  • Create Real Estate Flyers for your listing using RealtyJuggler's 49 predefined PDF realtor flyer templates.

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