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IXACT Contact – extended 8 week FREE TRIAL (60 days)

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AgentOffice Real Estate Software

Real Estate Contact Management and CRM Software

AgentOffice, the leading real estate software package available for a great number of years, is sadly showing it’s age as technology continues to advance.  Depending on your business model, it may become necessary to look for a different software solution, to keep up with your real estate contact management needs.

Below are links to web-based products that we hope you will consider. Thank you for choosing RealtyStar for your Real Estate Software needs over the past several years.  Do check out IXACT Contact and RealtyJuggler free trial links below.


IXACT Contact Real Estate Software


Improving all the time …  IXACT Contact is reasonably priced and offers both individual (up to 3 people) and a large team version.   Websites. newsletters and email drip campaigns are all built into IXACT Contact for one low monthly fee and you have the option of adding a Social Media lead generator for an additional $20.00 a month. In October 2018 IXACT Contact introduced Automated e-Cards!

Click on the link below to introduce yourself to IXACT Contact, to receive an EXPANDED FREE TRIAL.    The link below offers 8 weeks free trial (instead of 5 week) and any data you enter during your trial period is retained if you decide to purchase.


IXACT Contact social media add-onDouble Your Social Media Lead Generation with Social Stream 

Add Social Stream to Your IXACT Contact subscription for just $20/month

Social Stream is an add-on to IXACT Contact that completely automates the process of finding and streaming exclusive high quality real estate related content to your social media sites, enabling you to reap the benefits of a more active, engaging social media presence.

Best of all, if you would like to set-it-and-forget-it, you can simply select your subject matter topics and schedule when you would like content to be posted, and you’re done! Social Stream takes care of the rest.   Social Stream takes care of everything – automatically.

Social Stream can also capture leads directly into your IXACT Contact CRM database via an optional or mandatory lead capture form that can be activated on your very own branded landing page.   Social Stream is just $20/month and your first 30 days are FREE.

To get Social Stream, simply click the ‘Activate Your Social Stream Account’ link under the Integrations section of your User Profile page of your IXACT Contact CRM.


RealtyJuggler real estate software

RealtyJuggler is an easy-to-use organizer just for Real Estate agents.   This real estate specific contact management program provides the simplest and most affordable solution possible, with all the features a busy Realtor needs.  90 DAY FREE TRIAL

RealtyJuggler – 90 day FREE TRIAL



AgentOffice is still accepting orders for re-install links (proof of original ownership – Agent license number required).  There is now an additional handling fee tacked onto the pricing.  You can get more information by calling Marilyn at 1-888-661-6499.



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