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Real Estate Contact Management and CRM Software

 IXACT Contact – Individual and Team Versions


AgentOffice Real Estate Software


AgentOffice , the leading real estate software package available in its day, has officially been retired by the manufacturer as of June 2019.  

Below are links to web-based products that we hope you will consider.    Thank you for choosing RealtyStar for your Real Estate Software needs over the past several years.  Working with you has been a delight.  While officially retired as of September 2017, we do still recommend the following two products to past clients and AgentOffice users.

IXACT Contact is a reasonably priced and offers both an individual (up to 3 person) and a large team version.   Websites. newsletters and email drip campaigns are all built into IXACT Contact for one low monthly fee.    If you click on the link below to introduce yourself to IXACT Contact, you will receive an EXPANDED FREE TRIAL .
The link below offers 8 weeks free trial (instead of 5 week) and any data you enter during your trial period is retained if you decide to purchase.




RealtyJuggler – 90 day FREE TRIAL